Spring is here call us for a sprinkler tune up

Spring is here call us for a sprinkler tune up, Don't waste water we live in a dessert . have your system optimized to its fullest potential . Let us run thru your system, make adjustments, and get your system working to its full potential. now taking spring start up appointments.

Water conservation is everyone job. We live in a dry state it is important to train your lawn to conserve water and work for less. there are many ways to achieve a green healthy law. start  by clicking on the link below for water saving tips and ideas


Sprinkler system check and optimization starting at $85

Spring start up covers general sprinkler assessment and turning on your system making sure all is working right and some minor adjustments.  Sticky valves that don't shut off can cause flooding and waste water, don't run the risk when they can  be easily fixed in most cases only cost less than $125.  (depending on the valve) we can save you that much on water cost in one season. 

Why is an automatic sprinkler system better ?


An in-ground irrigation system with pop-up sprinkler heads is the best way to water lawns. The timer automatically waters the lawn at preset times and delivers a precise amount of water for your lawn. In-ground sprinkler system is the most efficient way to water lawns and will pay for itself in the long run, over the years, if you are planning on staying in your house, an irrigation system is a worthwhile investment. call me for a free estimate. We specialize in new systems and conversion of old systems. 

Did you have grubs ? Early spring and Fall is the time for grub treatment.

Few things can devastate a lawn like grub worms. An effective grub treatment has to be used during the grub cycle or all is lost for next season as well. Now is the time to kill them before it gets warm. Treatments start at $85 for up to 5000 sq ft. 

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